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Summer Camps

Only For High School Students

Every summer we organize camps for the students who are planning to come to Canada for their higher education to show them the life in university campuses, social norms of Canada as well as the the characteristics of the city which will be their new home, at least for couple of years. It is quite significant for high school students to get to know the city that they are planning to move  and the university in their dream beforehand not to get disappointed later. Our education experts will be guiding our guests throughout the entire camp program and answer every single question asked by participating students. Each Camp lasts 10 days and is organized in Toronto.


University/College Tours

University of Toronto, Ryerson University, George Brown College, Seneca College and many more. They are all waiting for you to visit and see.

Social Activities

You cannot imagine how lively the social life in Toronto is. We are pretty sure that you will love it. 


City Tour

Toronto is a big city with a great number of places to visit and enjoy and feel the culture of the city deeply. We are more than exited to show you around. 

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