How To Prepare For IELTS

Preparation for IELTS can be sometimes overwhelming for most of the students because when you go online, there are hundreds and thousands of materials that can be used to practice for IELTS. Yet, the problem is which resource is good and which one is not!

Here are some tips that are also approved by IDP IELTS Teacher Trainers during the webinars or in-person seminars.

  • Use the materials published by well-known institutions like Cambridge rather than checking the websites randomly on the internet because most of the websites for IELTS Preparation are open to users' contribution and the essay samples, for example, you see can be written by another student just like you.

  • Especially for the listening part of the test, practice as many hours possible as you can do from variety of resources including TED Education, 6-minute English by BBC, VOA Learning English, British Council Learning English, Real Life Conversations, Podcasts on Spotify and so on. While listening, please take notes as it makes you focus more on.

  • Search for the grammar rules that are must both for writing and speaking parts of the tests. For instance, without knowing the use of relative clauses or noun clauses, ıt will be hard for you to express every point that you want to express. Do not forget that Grammatical range and Accuracy is one of the criteria to assess your essay or speaking!

  • Reading part is all about developing certain strategies instead of getting into the texts and trying to understand every detail on each line. If any resource says that you should read and understand everything clearly before going through the questions, please stay away from that particular resource.

  • Expanding your vocabulary range is absolutely the key for each part of the test and I know that most students are in trouble about the acquisition of new words. Do not use many books or web pages to study to get the new words. Instead, just pick a well-prepared vocabulary material with variety of exercises and go through the book until you learn them all. I added one of my favorite books for your use below.

After you follow every suggestion that I have just given above, start spending time on practice tests, especially the ones published by Cambridge as a series of books from 1 to 16, each of which includes 4 practice tests with their answers.

Whenever you feel yourself confident, book your test and get your result! Good Luck to all of you.

BEST IELTS Vocabulary
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