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Orientation Services

We want you to adapt your new life in the new country as soon as possible. You can find all the services that we provide and for sure these are the fields that you need to learn quickly to feel yourself at home.

Banking 101

Have you ever heard of big five of Canada in Banking sector? Which of them should you go for and what will be the advantages of the one you choose? We as a team are here to help you out in every step of opening a bank account, saving money, building a credit score and many more!

Communication 101

You will absolutely need a new sim card and maybe a brand-new phone. No need to worry about them. We will get them done in the shortest time possible. 

Networking 101

You should be aware of the importance of networking for your future in Canada. There are for sure several ways to get to know more and more people every day and make meaningful connections with them. Clearly, we will be guiding you in this sense.

Transportation 101

Knowing your transportation options both within the cities and between them is obviously one of the biggest necessities to explore this country. You are lucky because you will for sure have an amazing transport system to commute every day and go visit all those spectacular cities of Canada.

Shopping 101

You cannot imagine how the prices of the products change greatly from market to market. If you want to save in the earlier days of your new adventure, we are with you to share all the best option that you can go for.

City Social Life 101

Do you want to learn the tons of activities that you can take part in? If yes, we will a lot to talk and deepen your perspective about social life!

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