New to Canada

Have you just arrived at? Do not you know anything about LGBTQ2S life and rights here in Canada? No worries. You are in one of the top LGBTQ2S friendly countries in the world. If you want to get yourself adapted as soon as possible, there are number of things that you should know and guess what? We are here to support you in all those life changing steps. 

Networking, finding a job, social life, places to visit, NGOs that you can get contacted will be easier than ever with us!


Only for LGBTQ2S Newcomers

We organize webinar series for the community regularly to make them more comfortable each step. Following topics are the ones we mainly cover;

  • Housing and better living

  • Be your own Financial Advisor!

  • Voluntary Services and their significance

  • Networking Options

  • Legal Rights

and many more... Do not forget to follow us on instagram to get to know about their dates and time!